At the Annual Parish Meeting the Chairman of Westcott Parish Council presents a summary of the council’s activities during the previous year.

Chairman’s Annual Report 2022-2023, 9th May 2023

“We started the year with another new clerk and unfortunately no handover from our previous clerk, so there have been some teething problems.

It really was a struggle to get the year moving. Covid hanging around prevented many face to face meetings and there hasn’t been much progress on any of our projects!

These include Street light replacement, Tree planting on the green, The purchase of the land behind Lower Green and the Greenway Cycle Route extension.

It feels like nothing but bad news, however on a more positive note we have just had our Coronation Tea and Cake event which was a resounding success with over 80 attendees. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen and special thanks to Cllr Sue Lacey without whom it probably wouldn’t have happened, Cllr Jo Hooper and to Dawn Campbell who manned the cake table all day. Thanks to the many people who contributed wonderful homemade cakes too.

Thank you to all the Councillors who give up their time freely throughout the year and here is looking forward to a more positive year.

If you would like more information about how the Parish Council works and the important place we have in your community please come along to one of our meetings.

Thank you.”

Sue Pusey, Chairman

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