Westcott Parish Council is consulted on some planning applications by Buckinghamshire Council (BC). They are considered by Council within the deadline set by BC. The Parish Council has no authority over the final decision and can only make a comment to either support, remain neutral or object to the application.

WPC can only comment on “Material Considerations” such as:-

  • Overlooking/loss of privacy
  • Loss of light or overshadowing
  • Parking
  • Highway safety
  • Traffic
  • Noise
  • Effect on listed building and conservation area
  • Layout and density of building
  • Design, appearance and materials
  • Government policy
  • Disabled persons’ access
  • Proposals in the Development Plan
  • Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)
  • Nature conservation

If you have any objections we strongly advise that you make your comments known to Buckinghamshire Council by either writing to them or by commenting on the application directly via the Planning Portal.

Current Planning Applications under consideration by Buckinghamshire Council’s Planning Department (this is not a definitive list – always refer to Buckinghamshire Council’s website for correct status):

22/01527/APP | 34 High Street, Westcott | Householder application for single storey rear extension, infill porch, infill alcove, garage conversion, new garage (Previous 21/03418/APP) | Status: Pending Approval

22/01197/APP | Satellite Applications Catapult Future Networks Development Centre, Westcott Venture Park | Telecommunications development, comprising a 15m high steel monopole (height to top of the antenna headframe), associated antennas, ground-based equipment cabinets, a meter cabinet all within a palisade fenced compound and ancillary works | Status: Pending Approval

22/00740/APP | Westcott Venture Park Site Office, Building 214 | Variation of condition 2 (expiry date) relating to application 18/02850/APP (Variation of Condition 7 (flood risk assessment) of a planning permission 14/01909/APP for installation of a 15MW ground mounted solar panels and associated electrical equipment to the north of the existing solar park at Westcott Venture Park) | Status: Pending Approval

21/04639/APP | Land West of High Street, Westcott | Erection of 6 dwellings | Status: Withdrawn

21/04703/APP | Plot 3000 Avenue A, Westcott Venture Park | Proposed redevelopment of two industrial units with associated ancillary offices, car parking and service yard | Status: Pending Approval

21/04720/APP | Bucks Recycling Ltd, Building 214 Hangar 5, Westcott | Change of use of an existing industrial premises at Bucks Recycling Ltd, Unit 214, from maintenance, storage and repair workshop, and to install a biomass
boiler into the building as a renewable energy source including an exhaust chimney stack and three water pipes to rear (Retrospective). | Status: Approved

21/03418/APP | 34 High Street | Householder application for single storey rear extension, infill porch, infill alcove, garage conversion, new garage | Status: Refused

21/04190/APP | Westcott Venture Park | Erection of 5 warehouse buildings ,welfare building and carparking / vehicular
access | Status: Pending Approval

21/02982/APP | 2 & 4 Lower Green Westcott | Single storey side extension to 2 Lower Green and two storey rear extension,side and front facing dormers and side facing roof light alterations to the roof,creation of three Bedrooms ( 1 Net increase) to 4 Lower Green | Status: Refused

21/01626/APP | Plot 6000/6010 Westcott Venture Park | Erection of a manufacturing and warehouse building with associated ancillary uses, including office and storage, car parking, landscaping and hard standing in Plots 6000 & 6010 of Westcott Venture Park | Status: Pending Approval