Parish Council Clerk

12th July 2022

A position has arisen in the role of Clerk to Westcott Parish Council.

This is a salaried position of 16 hours per month.

This varied role involves working from home, attending a regular evening council meeting once every 6 weeks, plus attending occasional other meetings. 

The Clerk is responsible for agendas, minutes, finance, correspondence, general administration as well as liaising with residents, Buckinghamshire Council, other organisations and suppliers. The Council is also the Burial Authority for the Parish.


  • Prepare informative agendas for meetings of the Council, in consultation with appropriate Councillors.
  • Attend all meetings of the council, take a formal minute of the meeting.
  • Prepare, and agree with the Chair, the agendas for meetings, but attend and minute only key meetings where the Clerk’s presence is required.
  • Issue notices and agendas for the Parish Council’s annual meeting and the annual Parish Meeting. Attend and minute these meetings and implement the decisions made that are agreed by the Council.
  • Ensure that all statutory and other provisions governing or affecting the running of the Council are observed.
  • Receive correspondence and documents on behalf of the Council and, following known policy of the Council and in liaison with appropriate Councillors, respond on behalf of the Council.
  • Prepare a six-weekly summary of all significant incoming and outgoing correspondence for Council meetings.
  • Draft responses to third party consultation exercises, including planning applications.

In partnership with appropriate Councillors:

Parish Administration
  • Establish and maintain effective paper and electronic filing systems to record the business of the Parish Council in a recoverable format.
  • Maintain effective systems to enable the public to communicate with the council.
  • Place and manage orders for the purchase and supply of goods and services.
Health and Safety
  • Ensure that the Council’s statutory obligations for the proper management of all Health and Safety matters are met; including the review of Council’s Health and Safety Policy and the preparation (and oversight) of Risk Assessments, where necessary, for the safe management of Council business and activities.
Financial management
  • Manage the annual budget for Council and prepare financial statements as required.
  • Monitor and balance the Council’s accounts and prepare records for audit and VAT purposes.
  • Ensure that correct financial records are kept and that internal checking regimes are established.
  • Receive and report on invoices for goods and services to be paid for by the Council and ensure that such accounts are settled within due timescales.
  • Issue invoices on behalf of the Council for goods and services and ensure payment is received.
  • Research and bring forward opportunities to apply for grants to support programme aspirations.
Staff Management
  • Manage the workload of Clerk to the Council, maintaining records of clerk hours, leave etc.
  • Acquire and maintain the necessary professional knowledge required for the efficient management of the affairs of the Council, and join appropriate professional bodies e.g. The Society of Local Council Clerks.
  • Attend training courses or seminars on the work and role of the Clerk.
  • Work towards the achievement of a Certificate in Local Authority Administration (CiLCA) as a minimum requirement for effectiveness in the position of Clerk to the Council (if the CiLCA Certificate is not already held).
  • Manage the Parish Council’s website and ensure it is accurate and up to date.
  • Identify items to post on the website and in Parish Newsletters.
  • Attend, as a representative of the Council, the conferences of the National Association of Local Councils, Society of Local Council Clerks, and other relevant bodies if required.

To apply

If you have any questions, please email:

CVs should be submitted to the Chairman, Cllr Sue Pusey at by 12th August 2022.

Position to commence ASAP. 

Westcott Parish Councillor

Expressions of interest in the role of Parish Councillor are always welcomed from people over 18 who are qualifying citizens of the Commonwealth, the European Community or the Republic of Ireland; applicants also need to either reside or have a business interest in the parish.

Please contact the Westcott Parish Council Clerk if you are interested in becoming a parish councillor and would like some more information about vacancies, the role and responsibilities.

The Role

By becoming a parish councillor, those that get involved almost certainly want to do something positive and hope to make a difference by influencing decisions that affect their community. There are over 80,000 local councillors in England – all are volunteers and will be held accountable by local people for things that happen locally.

The council is the community’s choice of representatives: an ordinary election for a new council occurs every four years but there may be an election when a seat falls vacant at other times. Councillors are either elected or co-opted if insufficient candidates are proposed for seats. In addition, if a vacancy occurs between elections (for example, by the resignation of a councillor), the council must generally find out if the electors want an election before they can co-opt.

Councillors attend meetings at approximately 6-weekly intervals. The meetings last for roughly an hour and a half. The issues discussed can be seen by looking at minutes of previous meetings on this website.

To apply

If you have any questions, please email:

Expressions of interest should be submitted to the Chairman, Cllr Sue Pusey at