Charities & Giving

Lewis Fetto and John Beck Trust

Charity Number 203344

A charity that considers applications from anyone under 21 who is undertaking formal training for a career and incurring expenses for books, travel etc.

The Trust was set up for residents in the parishes Waddesdon, Woodham and Westcott between the ages of 16-21 in support of their education.  

The Board of Trustees meets 3 times a year September, January and May and approves grants of up to a maximum of £250.  

Councillor Hilary Vitkus is a trustee of the Charity and is happy if anyone in Westcott would like to have an informal chat with her before applying for a grant.

TO APPLY FOR A GRANT: email with full details to: Jane Menday, Clerk to the Trustees, Beck and Fetto Charity

For more information please visit the Charities Commission website.

William Turner’s Charity

Charity Number 203343

To relieve poverty in the ecclesiastical Parish of Waddesdon.

TO APPLY FOR A GRANT: write with full details to: Mr Alan Lambourne, Clerk to the Trustees, William Turner’s Charity. 45 Baker Street, Waddesdon HP18 0LG

For more information please visit the Charities Commission website

Faith Beaumont Charity

Charity Number

Rev David Hiscock