Chairman’s Annual Report

At the Annual Parish Meeting the Chairman of Westcott Parish Council presents a summary of the council’s activities during the previous year .

Westcott Parish Meeting – Chairman’s Report 2016 – 17

We continue to meet regularly with Westcott Venture Park management to keep us informed about development on the park and to discuss issues affecting the village. Recently the Venture Park agreed to undertake a regular litter pick along the High Street between the A41 junction and the Village gates.

We are also still meeting with Bucks Recycling to try and resolve the ongoing problems of noise and dust and of course completion of the bund.

Parish Councillors attend our Local area forum together with many other meetings and conferences throughout the year. This year I have been involved in the development of Bucks County Councils new HGV strategy. Hilary, Grahame and I have been involved in getting the Bernwode Community Bus up and running. Members of the council also represent the council on local charities from whom we will have reports later.

In July we will be celebrating the second birthday of the Westcott lunch club. This is a monthly meet up for some of the older residents. It takes place on the first Thursday of the month at Waddesdon deli and for a cost of only £7 we enjoy a two-course lunch prepared by Sandy Bullivant and her wonderful staff. We regularly get 20 attendees.

Last summer we attended the fête at the Social club and this year we will also be attending Westcott Fun Day at the Cricket club.

We have now had four successful village clean up days and intend to hold our fifth in October. We do need more attendees and actually we only need an hour of your time not a whole day so please come along.

Speeding has been an issue brought up regularly over the years so we have undertaken training with the speed camera purchased by the Local area forum for use by parish councils. We now have three westcott residents trained to use the camera and are awaiting a report on our first couple of uses.

We have recently donated funds to the Local Ramblers Association to assist with upgrading some of the stiles and field gates to increase accessibility.

New legislation means we now have to publish many reports online. Our old website was no longer fit for purpose so we have taken the opportunity to set up a new website which has much more information and is hopefully much easier to access.

We have a Facebook page too and will continue to post information about the meetings and upcoming events in the village. [Please have a look at the website at]

Thank you to Jo Hooper for all the work she put in to getting this up and running.

Whilst on the subject of thanks, congratulations to Councillor Paul Irwin on his re election to Bucks County Council. Paul works very hard to look after his local parishes.

Thank you to all the Parish Councillors for the work they put in on behalf of the Council and Westcott.

Finally thank you to our Clerk Alan Lambourne who keeps us in line and makes sure we run smoothly and are doing everything as it should be done.

Chairmans_Report 2015-16